I know an awesome fortress, which has stood for quite some time,

The outer stone is mossy, covered in a layer of dirty slime,

It doesn’t look that fancy, but will shelter me through Winter storms,

Cruel winds may come to buffet, but within the walls, it’s calm and warm.


This fortress was held under siege, by cancer and depression,

Which tried to break the stonework, but it grew, defying this oppression,

Slabs are looking tired and marked, the corners chipped and tattered,

But structurally it’s sturdy, despite all the trials that leave it battered.


Satan shoots his flaming arrows high and low to weaken walls,

And strikes at the foundation, using tricks and lies and demon hoards,

This fortress will not crumble, for is built upon the cornerstone,

Its faith remains unshakable, since The Holy Spirit set up home.


Within this divine fortress, living happily is my saved soul,

Resting safe, within God’s care, where once there was a gaping hole,

But faith and trust and Holy love have filled that void with fortressed rock,

Which keeps my soul protected, against trials, attacks, all storms and shocks.


There’s nothing that can breach these walls, they’ll not erode and never fall,

But keep on building every day, in saving grace, they’re strong and tall,

This fortress built within me’s held together by The Victor’s blood,

So stands firmly unshaken, throughout fire and pain and raging floods.


The bricks are laid by God Himself and cannot fade or come undone,

‘though my sin takes their shine off, they are gleaming within Christ, The Son,

And, one day my faith’s fortress will be finished, to the Lord’s delight,

Then I will dwell, forever, in His heavens and see joy’s pure light.


By Suzanne Newman



When men decide to build a bridge, it takes a bit of thought,

Tape measures, concrete, builders, lots of nuts and bolts which they have bought,

Rope-bridges or steel cable, towering metal structures, viaducts,

Suspension, road or railway, they all need support, foundation, struts.


But architects and builders, top designers ‘though some men may be,

Not one of us is able to build a bridge from here to eternity.

For the valley of sin is too wide, The Hell below too deep,

Where the wails of the lost are heard and the stench of death does seep.


No human bridge can span this gap, no girders could withstand,

The fearsome flames that Hell exudes, stoked by The Devil’s meddling hand.

The environment is choking - deadly gases hanging in the air,

The smell of broken, rotting souls, is more than anyone can bear.


But thankfully the answer to this puzzle lies with The Lord God,

Who needs no mass construction company, nor concrete, steel or rods,

No! God can build a sturdy bridge out of His promise, great and good,

And gift us all safe path to Heaven, using just two bits of gracious wood.


The beams are two millennia old and fashioned in a cross-shape,

The blood of Christ is in the grain, to cleanse mankind of its mistakes,

This structure, ‘though looks rustic, is indestructible in every way,

Unfailing crossing for the faithful, to get to Heaven, every day.


No human-made construction can match the awesome power of Jesus’ blood,

Which grants us full redemption, via this bridge made of Golgotha’s wood,

So complex as our planet is, the way to Heaven’s simply this –

Believe in Christ, our Saviour, and then you’ll safely bypass the abyss.



The darkness cannot bear the sight,

Of saved souls that have seen the light,

Which repel with their Holy bright,

The Devil, as he claws and bites.

For as a blessed child of the light,

You need not fear the shadowed night,

For God’s great power and awesome might,

Makes every evil flee in fright.


The Holy Spirit, sent to dwell

Inside you, sits within a shell,

Of Christ’s protecting, loving swell,

As promise you are saved from Hell.

It shines so everyone can tell

This soul’s at peace, and all is well,

No longer trapped in sin’s dark cell,

This light did rescue, when you fell.


And now this light ensures you’re shod,

With suit of armour, made by God,

Although the outfit may seem odd,

It deflects every evil prod.

Now you follow at a steady plod,

The footsteps where the saints have trod,

For narrow is the path of God,

Where living waters feed the sod.


A child of light is fearsome, brave,

Invincible since they were saved,

For every penalty was paid,

By conqueror of sin and grave.

So every future road is bathed

In Holy light, which God does pave,

In power, so we can evil stave,

And earthly worries shrink away.


And thanks to God’s amazing Grace,

Heaven’s light can shine upon our face,

It helps us to complete the race,

Of life, for focuses our faith.

In every saved soul you can trace

The light, which glows in love and Grace,

Which cannot fade or be erased,

Nor falter, fail, or slack in pace.



So, thank-you Lord, for shining bright

Your goodness into Mankind’s night,

For saving us all from the plight,

Of bleak sin and its deadly blight.

Then we are fitting in your sight,

And with the angels, we take flight,

So thank-you God, in your great might,

We’re blessed as children of the light.