My Savior's Arms

Did you see my outstretched hand When I beckoned you to come Come and rest in me And find in me your peace

Did you feel me touch your face With tenderness and love Hold you in my arms Until your tears had ceased

Did you hear my gentle voice Saying come and walk with me So I can show you many things That you never could have dreamed

Did you read my precious word And find my father within Teaching you daily of His love And His grace that will never end

As I reached out to the disciples A thousand yours ago So I am reaching out to you Willing to make you whole

And as it was those years long ago With the disciples living close to me Learning from me a new way to live So you too will learn from me

Then you will go out from here And beckon to a friend Or lay your hand on a tear stained face Or call a friend to let them see

So come to me now And learn from me Be healed from your wounds Set free from your chains

Then go out into a suffering world And spread my love and grace Bring hope to a nation where hope is lost And make new disciples for me

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