Fill Me With Your Spirit

Lord fill me with your spirit Fill me with a desire for you Fill me with a desire for your love Your mercy and your grace Fill me till all that I am Disappears in the glory of who you are

Take the desire of worldly things Take the desire of modern life Take the desire for comfort food And the things that make us sick And fill me instead with a desire for you

Then in my mind was a dancing ballerina On the stage that we call life And up above a light so bright His hand reaches to take hers But fear grabs hold and she pulls away

Then your matchless voice of love Called out to your precious child Reach up for my love, reach up for joy And I will fill you to the top

Don’t be afraid just reach out your hand

I reached out my hand and all at once I was reached up into heavenly arms He held me close and calmed my fears

Told me how precious I was Then he gently put me down

I will tell of his wonderful love I will tell of his wondrous peace I will tell them He knows my name

And he wants them to know him too

So come to him and take his hand Come into his love and hope and joy So much more he will give to you If you will just come and reach out your hand


Julia Clark 201