The Lord is my shepherd, He came and saved my prodigal soul. Just believe in the now. One day at a time, with our sweet Jesus, always

Holy Spirit Move Amongst Us All, Cleanse Our Innermost Being. We are Vessels, Be a Voice of Balanced Truth In Justice. Give Thanks and Praise to God Every Day. Amazing Grace Transformation to Change and Become. Unchained Hearts and Souls, Say No More To The Past.

Beloved in Christ, Share as He Gave His Life’s Blood on The Cross. Faith, Love and Hope Forevermore. Lord Hear Our Prayer. Sins Be Washed and Cleansed in This Your Timeless Moments. Be Blessed Because He Lives and Gives.

Strength in The Silence of Calm, The Power and The Glory, Withstand the Tests of Time, Within the Mayhem of The Storm. Blessed Be, Walk With Jesus Christ in Glory. Wisdom of The Wise One, Be Set Free. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah. Shalom. Amen.

Julia Clark 201