Let me introduce myself 

I am a born-again Christian, full-time mum and wife 

I believe in the Trinity and blood of Jesus that saves us from sin 

I wrote my first poem when I was 17 while I was away at a live-in job, being away from my parents for the first time. We were taken to a concert that evening and one of the songs stuck on me and I listened to it over again.

Finally, I went to bed and heard words in my head that wouldn't go away so I got up and wrote them down and my first poem was born 

Since then I have gone on to create seven books and I have taken part in some radio shows  My hope is to do more as the Lord leads 

God bless    julie 


( my first poem)

When you feel afraid or alone.

Just remember what God has done.

In your heart remember all.

The promise that he will keep.

That God is always near to you.

He will keep you safe from harm.

Tonight and for ever more.


When you feel you have no friend.

Remember that god is a friend of yours.

He won’t desert you like the others do.

So just remember his promise is true.

Remember the promise sown in your heart.


So trust in him and you will see.

He loves you more than words can say.

He sent his son a gift so free.

So always believe and trust his word.

Don’t be afraid or feel alone.

Or you have no friend or nobody cares.

God loves us all you know he does.

He cares for every one of us.


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